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Massage Therapy is one of the most effective means for reducing stress among office workers and can be done conveniently in-office.

Office Morale
Regularly scheduled office massage visits increase your employee morale while also boost your office productivity. Massages are also a great way to show employee appreciation for a job well done and increases overall retention. Even a brief massage can seriously boost productivity and problem-solving abilities. Employees who receive a 15-minute massage emerge from the chair better able to take on complicated tasks. Massage therapy also relieves fatigue and stimulates creative thinking, creating a more energetic and innovative team. We are here to help.

Decreasing Injuries
A routine 15-30-minute massage helps to decrease repetitive injuries, reduces pain and tension while improving your circulation. This is a great way to start a wellness program or enhance an existing one. Work-related problems like stress cost companies billions of dollars a year, but massage therapy can boost morale and make employees look forward to coming into work each day. Relaxed employees are also less likely to feel anxious or hostile at work, which leads to a more positive and productive work environment. Massage therapy has been shown to relieve arthritis, boost the immune system, improve muscle and joint functioning and reduce blood pressure. These benefits make your employees feel better, allowing them to work more efficiently and miss fewer days of work.

Massage in Lake Worth
Here at Serenity Rose Massage and Wellness, our goal is to make all our clients as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Call today if you have any questions about our services.

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