Facials in Hypoluxo | What You Need to Know Before Your First Facial

Facials in Hypoluxo | What You Need to Know Before Your First Facial

Are you excited to have your first facial treatment? Before you head down to the spa, take a moment to know the following facts about facials in Hypoluxo.

Have it Done On a Regular Basis

Contrary to what you might expect, facials in Hypoluxo won’t deliver your desired results after a single appointment because it takes time for your skin to respond to the treatment. However, having it done every four to six weeks will cause you to see the best results.

The Facial Rooms Should be Well-Lit

If you’re all about the aromatic scents, the soft music, and the dim lighting when you’re getting a facial, think again. Since the esthetician needs to get a good look at your skin while she’s doing the facial, dimming the lights can do your skin a disservice. It’s best to have excellent lighting in the facial room.

Talk to Your Esthetician About Your Medication History

Did you know that some ingredients in cardiac medications, birth control, acne treatments, and antihistamines can cause your skin to be extra-sensitive? Since the medications that you take can affect your skin’s reaction to facials, it’s best to talk to your esthetician about your medical history prior to booking your appointment so that they can choose a much gentler option for you.

Don’t Have it Right Before Your Big Event

Facial treatments make your skin look worse before it looks better. So, if you don’t want your skin to appear blotchy or irritated on your birthday bash or your high school reunion, make sure you get a facial a week before your big event. This would give your skin enough time to get to that stunning look-at-me glow.

Facials and Waxing Don’t Go Together

Everyone wants a full day of pampering. However, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t get a facial treatment and a wax on the same day because waxing exposes a new layer of skin cells and having a deep exfoliating facial will only irritate your freshly-waxed skin. It’s wise to wax one day and get a facial on the other.

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